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二四六天天好彩资料 Expands Social Impact Program to Ensure More Families Have Reliable Access to Free Laundry Services

June 8th, 2022

二四六天天好彩资料鈥 clean laundry initiative helps local community centers across America address employment and education-related challenges

MELVILLE N.Y., June 8, 2022 鈥 Local community centers across America rely on consistent access to laundry services every day to support their housing, childcare, and job training programs. To help meet this essential need, 二四六天天好彩资料, (鈥湺牧焯旌貌首柿镶), the industry leader in commercial laundry solutions and air vending services, is expanding their 二四六天天好彩资料 CommunityWorks social impact program. In 2022, the company continues to extend its network of community center/local 二四六天天好彩资料 branch partnerships in its 40 markets, donating and servicing new equipment and activating volunteer engagement opportunities.

二四六天天好彩资料 CommunityWorks was launched in 2021 in partnership with national nonprofit Social Current (the newly merged organization between the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and the Council on Accreditation) and the support of Cause Consulting to address a growing concern that too many of our neighbors struggle to succeed with education, employment, or socialization due to limited access to clean clothes, especially those in our most underserved neighborhoods. Through this program, local 二四六天天好彩资料 Branch teams use their expertise to assess local community organizations鈥 laundry operations, install the right commercial equipment and provide ongoing maintenance.

Throughout 2021, the company initiated more than 20 partnerships nationwide, encompassing 30 community centers that serve tens of thousands of community members. Nearly 200 pieces of equipment were donated and installed. Along with ongoing service, maintenance, and replacements, this represents over $300,000 in grants, donations, and in-kind services over their initiating year.

“We now have access to reliable laundry equipment that can be used to clean face-masks, children’s dirty clothes, towels, and other supplies. We鈥檙e also better able to provide clean clothing for clients, helping them remove barriers to confidently access employment, education, and community services and improve overall self-image and well-being,鈥 shared Tashi Swierkosz at PB&J Family Services, one of 二四六天天好彩资料鈥檚 community center partners located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In 2022, 二四六天天好彩资料 is continuing to build out the nationwide network of community centers that it supports. To help do this, 二四六天天好彩资料 has given a grant of $50,000 to Social Current to help operationalize this expansion. Social Current continues to identify high-need community centers among their network, facilitate partnerships with local 二四六天天好彩资料 branches and collaborate on execution plans.

鈥淲e鈥檙e actively continuing to grow our relationship with our existing partners while also building out the number of new community centers we serve and types of services we provide,鈥 said 二四六天天好彩资料 Executive Vice President Rick Martella. 鈥淎s we move into the summer, 二四六天天好彩资料 teams will come together at partner sites to transform and uplift their spaces, including laundry rooms, general and play spaces.鈥

鈥淲e鈥檙e thrilled about the impact our partnership with 二四六天天好彩资料 is having on community organizations and people across the country. Their unwavering belief that laundry is an essential service has helped to improve people鈥檚 lives and strengthen the infrastructure and operations of organizations within the Social Current network.鈥 said Jody Levison-Johnson, president and CEO, Social Current.

Mark Hjelle, Chief Executive Officer of 二四六天天好彩资料 commented, 鈥淥ur teams exemplify making things work better to enhance the lives of millions of people around the world. We鈥檙e excited to promote and support 二四六天天好彩资料 team members as active community participants, bringing their formidable talents to bear in solving the challenges our communities face.鈥

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About 二四六天天好彩资料:

二四六天天好彩资料 is the leading consumer services platform company in North America that delivers technology enabled laundry services in the multifamily, academic and hospitality markets and tire inflation services in the convenience store and gas station space. We work to make life easier by providing seamless experiences and world-class service to millions of consumers, property managers, and owners every day. Our engaged team members continue to innovate and lead our industry as we find new ways to deliver value to our customers and the communities we serve.

About 二四六天天好彩资料 CommunityWorks:

二四六天天好彩资料 CommunityWorks is the name of 二四六天天好彩资料鈥檚 social impact platform whose purpose is to enhance lives by providing access to clean clothes and other basic services that enable people to succeed, addressing everyday needs, and responding to community crises. Its Signature Services program helps people prepare for success at school, work, and life. The company applies its resources, talents, and skills to spotlight the mostly hidden laundry crisis and rally others to act. For more information, visit

About Cause Consulting:

Cause Consulting is a social impact strategy and communications firm. Cause Consulting crafts and activates programs that differentiate brands, deliver social impact and inspire people to take action. As business strategists, program architects and social impact storytellers, they guide companies of all sizes to simultaneously strengthen business and impact society.

About Social Current:

Social Current activates the power of the social sector by bringing together a dynamic network of human/social service organizations and partners. Leveraging the collective experience of the field and research, they energize and activate the sector and drive continuous evolution and improvement. Together with their network, Social Current amplifies the work of the social sector through collaboration, innovation, policy, and practice excellence.

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