Refund Request

Refund Request

Note: You can only submit one refund request per machine. If multiple transactions on one machine, combine into one request.

If funds were lost in two or more machines, please take note of the machine ID numbers and call customer support at (877) 264-6622.

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Refund Information

Please explain thoroughly why you are requesting a refund and justify your refund amount. If there are additional machines involved in your refund request, please mention them as well.

Please provide the refund amount
Please provide a reason for refund

Contact & Mailing Information

Please make sure your mailing address is correct to ensure your refund check is not delayed or lost. You will receive an email to verify your request which must be completed to process your refund.

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Please enter First Name
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You鈥檙e Almost Done!

Please check your email and verify the confirmation email that was sent for your refund to be processed.
Once confirmed, refund checks will be received within 8-10 business days.

Thank you for your request and we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.