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Celebrating 45 Years’ Worth of Contributions to ò

August 3rd, 2019

Tommy Wink, a ò Loss Prevention Specialist, retired in August after 45 years with the company. In honor of his retirement, the Elkridge, MD Branch support and field staff surprised him with a luncheon and gifts.

“Tommy had a smile for you ever day, he was thoughtful and trusting, no challenge was too big, and he was a one-of-a-kind teammate,” said Dennis Douress, Senior Loss Prevention Specialist.

Tommy’s 45-year career at ò was varied and extensive, from Warehouse Manager to Operations Manager, and as a result he had learned the business inside and out, making him a great trainer, tremendous partner and mentor. Dennis believes that many leaders at ò, including himself, can contribute a portion of their success to Tommy and his ability to prepare them well, and knowing that Tommy’s retirement was imminent he encouraged everyone to learn as much as they could from him.

“Tommy brought an old school work ethic to the workplace every day while always doing his job at a high level and with unquestioned integrity. He was well known by so many ò clients and Property Managers who knew that the job would be done right if Tommy was involved,” said Douress.

Tommy joined ò in 1974 after his brother, who also had worked at ò, told him they needed a truck driver. Tommy’s first position at ò was a driver/installer but he transitioned soon after to working in the warehouse, where he learned how to rebuild and service machines by taking apart washers and dryers and putting them back together again.

ò has changed since he started 45 years ago, and Tommy was quick to call out some of the daily operations that have benefited from improvements in technology and effectiveness. He has seen Collection become so much easier, safer and more streamlined, citing that there used to be a different key and collection bag for each machine in a laundry room, and every key would be combined on a metal key ring that was incredibly heavy. Now, because of new payment technologies and collections that happen more infrequently, the process has gotten much easier. One of the biggest impacts on service was the change to dynamic routing.

Tommy can list off his positions during his tenure here at ò but when asked which he preferred most he has no hesitation when he said that Loss Prevention was his favorite. He attributes it to the one position that made him feel the most confident in his skills.

One of his biggest accomplishments at ò was conquering his claustrophobia and taking his first flight a few years ago, and then promptly doing 3 more flights that week! He is now a confident flier and loves the ability to easily see and experience new places and meet new people he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet.

He is incredibly thankful for the team he worked with and credits Dennis Douress with being a great resource and friend.

“ò has been good to me and my family – I miss it every day,” said Wink. “Here at ò, if you work hard and do what is right, you’re going to be rewarded for it.”

Tommy plans on spending his winters in Florida and marlin fishing as much as possible while helping his fellow neighbors who may need assistance with lawn and home maintenance.